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Design Questionnaire

  1. What is your goal for your website?

  2. Who is your target audience?

  3. List three websites with a look that you like
    • name one characteristic that you like from each of the three sites

  4. Choose your preferred color scheme: Light or Dark?
    • Light: muted/pastel colors, light backgrounds, dark text, more conservative "business" look
    • Dark: strong/vibrant colors, dark backgrounds, light text, more adventurous "personal" look

  5. Choose your preferred main color: __________

  6. Choose your preferred accent color (optional): __________

  7. Choose your preferred website style (optional): Conventional or Web 2.0?
    • Conventional: flat/matte look with normal amount of whitespace
    • Web 2.0: shiny/glossy look with plenty of whitespace

  8. Choose your preferred font style (optional): Modern or Classic?
    • Modern: modern look with mostly sans-serif fonts
    • Classic: classic look using mostly serif fonts

  9. Are there any particular font(s) that you prefer (optional)? __________

  10. Provide website title: __________
    • can be the name of your company, organization, product, service, or event for which you've commissioned this site

  11. Provide website logo (optional)
    • will be used for the page headers, placed alongside the website title

  12. Provide website slogan (optional)
    • will also be used for the headers, placed below the website title

  13. Provide pictures and other graphics that can be used for the design
    • must be either licensed or owned

  14. Provide basic content for each of the following pages (if applicable): Home Page, About Us, Contact Info
    • Home Page: may contain short intro, sales pitch, short description of product/service, some relevant photos, etc.
    • About Us: contains a more in-depth write-up (may be split into several pages if too long)
    • Contact Info: address, telephone, email, cellphone, instant messaging, VoIP, contact form, etc.

  15. Provide additional content (if applicable)
    • example: History, Products, Services, People, etc.
    • include text and/or relevant photos
    • divide into pages

  16. Is there anything else you'd like to specify before we start designing your site?

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