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$9/extra page

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12 pages
$9/extra page
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Design Process

The design process starts upon commissioning. We send a short questionnaire and request for all content, logos, pictures and additional materials to be used for the project.

We then design and present the concept for your website. Based on your feedback, we create your first mockup. You can then use your available mockup revisions if you want to make any changes. Additional mockup revisions may be done as needed for an extra fee.

Once the mockup is finalized, we turn the design into an HTML template and apply it to your content. This beta website is then presented for revisions. You can use your available beta website revisions for any changes you may want, provided they do not involve the basic structure of the template and require no changes to background graphics. Changes that may be made include typography, navigation and content, among others. As with the mockup, additional revisions may be done for an extra fee.

Once all revisions are incorporated, the website is done. We will then send you the final product in a compressed folder via email. In addition, if you picked the CMS Setup option, we will set it up on your CMS account and email you the account details when finished.

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